Pre-Conference Workshop Day

Monday 27th November 2023

Enhancing Collection & Visualization of Data

9:00 am Registration & Networking

10:00 am Workshop A

Improving Data Collection & Management to Improve Quality & Ensure Reliable Workflows

  • Sherif Agha Senior Director of Planning & Scheduling, Skanska USA Building


  • Evaluating the data available to your teams to identify the most valuable and insightful metrics to be measuring and leveraging
  • Building standards and quality control processes to ensure accuracy of data collected
  • Discussing how to extract useful insights from unstructured data to keep the project team up to date with project conditions
  • Identifying trends across your projects and different disciplines of work to get ahead of potential risks for your client 

12:00 pm Networking Lunch

1:00 pm Workshop B

Rethinking the Presentation & Communication of Your Schedule Data to Drive Better Decision Making


  • Evaluating what different project partners are looking for in the schedule across various project stages
  • Discussing ways to more effectively summarize vast amounts of schedule data graphically, making it more easily digestible for non-schedulers
  • Exploring ways in which you can use your schedule as a sales tool and win work
  • Overviewing software solutions allowing for better presentation of data to field teams and clients

3:30 pm Workshop C

Navigating Future Realities: Harnessing 4D for Iterative Planning & Precise Execution

  • Preston Williams Visual Planning Regional Lead, DPR Construction
  • Thomas Whiteley Planning, Scheduling & Production Planning (PSPP) Business Unit Lead, DPR Construction
  • Gray Childs Central Region Planning & Scheduling Lead, DPR Construction


  • Leveraging 4D methodology early in your project to test and refine plans, eliminating the need for improvisational execution
  • Utilizing 4D technology for comprehensive context to engage in informed, context-driven discussions about project schedules, considering site dynamics, concurrent tasks, quantities, and visual representation
  • Using 4D visualization as a trigger to prompt critical questions about project alignment with reality, uncover potential schedule gaps, surpassing limitations of traditional Gantt charts
  • Prioritizing the planning aspect to generate captivating visual renderings as a valuable byproduct, emphasizing the true essence lying in the planning process

5:30 pm End of Workshop Day