Pre-Conference Workshop Day

Monday, October 24 2022

Workshop A: 11am-12pm

Focus & Finish: A Proven Logic for Scheduling in a World of
Limited Resources

With resources becoming more and more limited, scheduling effectively can
sometimes feel impossible. Join Realization Technologies as they showcase their innovative way to overcome this, and learn:

• Why not to use the Critical Path logic for scheduling limited resources
• Practical challenges that need to be considered in resource scheduling
• The Focus & Finish logic for scheduling, and why it works in the real world

Workshop Leader:

Sanjeev Gupta

Sanjeev Gupta
Founder & CEO
Realization Technologies

3.00 Afternoon Refreshments

Workshop B: 1-3pm

Implementing Advanced Analytics to Extract Insights From Project Schedules & Inform Future Risk Mitigation Strategies

It’s no secret that schedules provide you with invaluable insights to a project, but how do you know you’re extracting the right ones in the most efficient way? To learn how to streamline this process and utilize your findings to inform future projects, this session will focus on:

  • Identifying critical insights that can be extracted from project schedules to inform valuable decision-making regarding project resourcing by operations teams
  • Building a process to collect and analyze this data across projects to create valuable conclusions from these insights
  • Creating dashboards and reports that can ease visualization of project health for your operations teams

Workshop Leader:

Walter Terry

Walter Terry
Director of Project Controls, Planning & Scheduling
Rudolph & Sletten

Workshop C: 3.30-5.30pm

Harnessing Data Collected From a Scheduling System to Mitigate Future Supply Chain Risks

With the supply chain becoming more and more disrupted and showing no signs of changing soon, it’s vital that organizations take control now and utilize the latest technology to track supply chain data and collaborate with suppliers to create more accurate schedules in the future. This session will deep dive into:

  • Devising a process to track supply chain data and adjust project schedules accordingly to build in the right contingency and create more realistic expectations for all project stakeholders
  • Working with suppliers and trade contractors to integrate additional
    data and insights into your data to help get ahead of potential issues and discuss risk mitigation strategies
  • Benchmarking software on the market that can enable the capture and
    integration of this data and how this can integrate into your scheduling workflows

Workshop Leader:

stephen hollstein

Stephen Hollstein
Senior Manager of Schedule

5.30 End of Workshops