About Event

Advancing Construction Planning & Scheduling was established 5 years ago as a forum for the most forward-thinking Planning and Scheduling leaders to come together and share candidly the most innovative tools, best practices and latest cultural initiatives to drive productivity and promote schedule excellence on every job.

5 years on, we’ll be reuniting in Denver this October to do exactly that once again and we hope you’ll join us!

Highlights for 2022 include:

Improving the flow of your schedule with TAKT planning, leaning project spending through cost and resource loading your schedule, mitigating future material & shipping delays & so much more!

Walk Away With Actionable Insights to Combat Your Specific Planning & Scheduling Challenges

Whether it’s workshops, panels or casual networking you are looking for, our comprehensive agenda will ensure you leave with immediate fixes to implement within your organization.

Harness Advanced Analytics

Deep dive into the most innovative data strategies being utilized to mitigate risk, track project health and navigate scheduling systems on our intensive analytics workshop day. With guidance from our expert workshop leaders, walk away with actionable insights and feel the full power data holds in the right hands

Choose the Right Track For You

Select one of our carefully curated tracks to decide which challenges are the most important to you, guaranteeing you will take part in the most valuable sessions whether you are a Junior Scheduler, Project Manager, Superintendent, Senior Scheduler, or a Director of Planning & Scheduling


Learn From Trailblazing Planning & Scheduling Experts

Our world-class speaker faculty is packed with senior planners and schedulers who are leading the way when it comes to streamlining the scheduling process. Uncover how they are utilizing technology, enhancing collaboration and fostering the next generation of scheduling professionals to set up your organization for success.

“One of the best conferences I’ve ever attended. It was great to hear from the diverse group of industry gurus. I am leaving the conference with tools and knowledge that will be able to implement right away” Plaza Construction

“Great opportunity to meet with and hear from experts in the field of Construction Planning & Scheduling across the USA!” Quest Construction Data Network LLC

“If you are wanting to understand the future of scheduling it is imperative to attend! Broaden your horizons of the typical "scheduler"!” Skilled Services Quality Construction

So if you want to enhance collaboration and productivity, mitigate future risks and advance the use of the schedule within your organization, Advancing Construction Planning & Scheduling 2022 will provide you will all the insights you need to start transforming the way you schedule!

Download the full event guide here to find out more.