About Event

This September, the 4th Annual Advancing Construction Planning & Scheduling 2021 conference will unite the planning and scheduling community for the first time in over a year in Dallas.

Connect with 100+ Planning and Scheduling leaders from owners and contracting firms of all sizes. This will be the best opportunity to come together with the scheduling community to benchmark the most innovative tools and techniques to proactively manage risk and drive productivity at the only event that goes beyond traditional CPM and gives your team the progressive tools to ensure you get the job done, on time, every time.

Come away with actionable insights to:


Build more agile schedules with the integration of lean principles:

Join our pre-conference workshops to learn how integrating lean approaches into traditional CPM can better manage the project lifecycle and create a more collaborative workflow.


Redefine collaboration and communication on projects:

Discover how collaborative planning, communication and transparency with all stakeholders throughout the project lifecycle to support realistic schedule timelines.


Discover innovative ways to automate your scheduling processes:

Address how pioneering contractors have leveraged data analytics, artificial intelligence and BIM to improve productivity and alleviate manual tasks.



Rethink your approach to schedule maintenance and reporting:

Transform the way you educate operations and present data to clients to ensure schedules are consistently leveraged by teams to better track and forecast project progress.



Transform your approach from reactive to proactive risk management:

Uncover how firms that consistently stay ahead of the curve have focused on materials management, historical data, forensic analysis and more to proactively manage risk.


Address the changing role of planners and schedulers:

Determine how to expand planners’ and schedulers’ skillsets to maximize their productivity on projects.

So if you want to prevent schedule delays, better forecast risk and improve collaboration, productivity and efficiency, Advancing Construction Planning & Scheduling 2021 will equip you and your team with all the tools you need!

Download the Full Event Guide here to find out more.