7:30 am Registration & Networking Breakfast

8:00 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

  • Gray Childs Central Region Planning & Scheduling Lead, DPR Construction

Getting Ahead of Supply Chain Threats

8:10 am Mitigating & Communicating Supply Chain Delays to Ensure Full Transparency Across All Project Partners

  • Scott Horne Director - Scheduling, Okland Construction


  • Ensuring open communication with manufacturers and vendors to identify and mitigate against potential procurement delays early on
  • Setting up a procurement database to facilitate transparency of the big-picture project view and recognize trends
  • How do you effectively communicate preventative schedule changes due to potential supply chain challenges to the owner?

8:50 am Unleashing the Power of Automation and AI for Enhanced Planning & Scheduling Efficiency


  • To bridge the gap from lean plans to Master Schedules, we must bring your schedule to the field.
  • Is AI taking a scheduler’s job? No, but the way they work will change, and for the better!
  • How can AI, automation and emerging technologies reliably assist the Plan/Schedule?

9:20 am Panel: Identifying Upcoming Procurement & Supply Chain Trends to Future-Proof Your Projects & Organization

  • Ron Weber Senior Scheduler, Robins & Morton
  • Jason Duncan Director of Planning & Scheduling, McCarthy Building Companies
  • Adam Ramirez General Manager, JAXI Builders


  • Highlighting the main ongoing bottlenecks to be cautious about and how you can prepare ahead of time
  • Reflecting on price volatilities and how to gain common agreement to place orders in time while keeping costs down
  • How can you best identify and implement temporary solutions to avoid substantial project implications or hard stops

10:00 am Morning Refreshments

Track 1: Departmental Strategy

Implementing Lean Strategies

10:40 am Case Study: How We Deployed Lean Practices in a Mid-Size General Contractor to Advance Planning & Scheduling Workflows


  • Educating our internal team and external partners on the benefits of lean in eliminating waste from schedules and recognizing roadblocks ahead of time
  • Identifying the internal process and methodology changes that needed to be actioned to integrate lean within our organization and across all our projects
  • Examining why software isn’t always the answer and how we made the most of our existing resources to deliver efficiency gains

11:20 am Panel: Revealing the Culture Change Required to Effectively Integrate Lean Practices Within the Fabric of Your Organization

  • Sherif Agha Senior Director of Planning & Scheduling, Skanska USA Building
  • William Bowen Director - Program & PMCM Operations, Jacobs
  • Steve Camp Executive Vice President, Hill & Wilkinson


  • Exploring common objections that scheduling leaders find themselves up against when integrating lean
  • Discovering the art of selling lean both internally, to your schedulers, and externally, to your project partners
  • How can you effectively reflect the lean culture within contractual relationships?

Track 2: Process Innovation

Maximizing Resources

10:40 am Rethinking Your Resource Planning Strategy to Enhance Evaluation of Durations & Optimize Projections

  • Andy Dalbom Senior Scheduling Engineer, McCownGordon Construction
  • Caleb Skaggs Scheduler, McCownGordon Construction


  • Evaluating whether the use of historical data for resource planning is still relevant in current project scenarios
  • Addressing the need to avoid stacking to meet expedited timelines and how to deal with tightening schedules by collaborating with your trade partners
  • Discussing how to track and validate the accuracy of your projections and adapting them when and where needed in a timely manner

11:20 am Optimizing Cost Loaded Schedules to Increase the Accuracy of Cash Flow Projections

  • Brad Bell Senior Scheduling Mananger, Kiewit


  • Understanding how cost integration benefits your schedule performance and determining the optimal level of effort that should be invested in its development
  • How do you track cost loaded schedules vs. schedule performance and cost performance?
  • Discussing how lean can facilitate the development of cost loaded schedules in a more timely manner

12:00 pm Automating Delay Analysis in Software

  • Brian Leach Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Steelray Software


  • The unique challenges that automating a forensic delay analysis in software presented to the Steelray team
  • Stories from Steelray’s five year journey developing the technology
  • What the technology looks like and how it can be applied to problems that many schedulers and schedule analysts face

12:10 pm Networking Lunch

Advancing the Discipline Through People Investment

1:10 pm Advancing Your Learning & Development Program to Keep Up With Scheduling Workforce Demand

  • Brady Mercer National Planning and Scheduling Director, JE Dunn


  • Addressing the evolution of the scheduling discipline and the training it needs as a result, combining both construction and software-specific knowledge
  • Exploring different training methods and when they are most suitable: from individual learning, to group or 1-on-1 training, to coaching
  • Developing and maximizing your learning management system to track your program performance and facilitate training improvement

1:50 pm Audience Discussion: Improving Your Team’s Brand Within Your Organization to Better Attract & Retain Talent


  • Moving away from hiring externally to developing internship programs and growing talent internally
  • Revealing the impact that the discipline has at both a project and organizational level to prospective and new schedulers
  • Incentivizing retention by creating clearer and more formalized internal career paths for planners and schedulers

2:30 pm Panel: Redefining Planning & Scheduling as a Discipline to Strengthen Its Position & Importance Within the Industry

  • Sherif Agha Senior Director of Planning & Scheduling, Skanska USA Building
  • Scott Carrico Scheduling Executive, Gilbane Building Company


  • Addressing the current innovation pressures on planners and schedulers and how that's changing the role
  • Discussing the evolution of 'soft skills' required and how schedulers are effectively managing relationships and providing support on a project team level
  • How can you and your organization help the industry define and integrate scheduling roles better?

3:10 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

  • Gray Childs Central Region Planning & Scheduling Lead, DPR Construction

3:20 pm End of Conference