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Welcome to the 7th Annual Advancing Construction Planning & Scheduling 2024 Summit

Harness Process Innovation & Automation Technology to Maximize Schedule Certainty

As the industry tackles increasingly larger and more complex projects with limited staff and resources, the scheduler's role in facilitating proactive project team support and risk management becomes crucial for project success and business profitability. The evolution of teams towards adding value earlier in the project lifecycle and adjusting scheduling practices to align with modern project delivery dynamics underscores where true value is found. 

Advancing Construction Planning & Scheduling returns in 2024, uniting 180+ Planning, Scheduling, and Operations leaders to address these urgent issues and foster essential connections for driving scheduling innovation across North America.

Attend for:

  • Practical case studies in Lean methodologies & their compatibility with CPM schedules
  • Knowledge on the current state on AI for construction scheduling
  • Actionable short-term scheduling techniques
  • Information on how top contractors utilize innovative planning and scheduling strategies alongside advanced data insights

All to enhance project certainty, mitigate risks and effectively integrate with project operations teams and external partners to achieve project success. Do one of these sound like you? If so, this year's program is for you. 



Are you leading the strategic evolution of the scheduling department?

Are you driving improved stakeholder integration?

Are you building the internal skillsets and processes required for AI & automation?

Or are you impact-focused in project environments with the latest processes & tools to enable better support?

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