Monica Eastwood

Monica Eastwood

Company: XL Construction

Job title: Schedule Manager


Advancing Schedule Quality With Schedule Scoring 11:30 am

Exploring the 2022 Scheduling Scoring Summit and the current 2023 Schedule Validation Scoring Guidelines, an integral part of the Schedule Validator analytics and performance platformRead more

day: Day One - Track A Morning

Improving the Training, Support & Development of Project Managers & Superintendents to Improve Consistency & Accuracy of Schedules Across Your Organization 7:40 am

Understanding pain points of project managers and superintendents to ensureyou can create a valuable training program  that will set them up for success Developing comprehensive training that covers the fundamentals of scheduling Evaluating the success of different forms of delivery, from one-to-one in-person sessions to online learning portals, to enhance accessibility for different learnersRead more

day: Day Two

Panel: Confronting Difficult Conversations: How Can Owners & Contractors Better Collaborate to Overcome Supply Chain Challenges? 4:10 pm

Incorporating material tracking into the CPM schedule to identify trends that could disrupt the supply chain on a local, national, or global scale Discussing how to approach difficult conversations with your owner regarding potential delays and work collaboratively to find a solution Benchmarking some of the most effective solutions found over the last 2 years…Read more

day: Day One

Panel: Mapping the Scheduler Career Path to Improve Buy-in & Retention Within Your Department 1:40 pm

Assessing the current typical career path of a scheduler and how this can differ from company to company Discussing the different pathways to get into scheduling and how we can make this more visible and accessible to prospective candidates Creating a clear pathway for your department to direct training activities and keep your team motivatedRead more

day: Day One - Track A Afternoon

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