Leverage Technology & Optimize Process to

Deliver Consolidated Schedules

September 18-20, 2018

Dallas, Texas

Post Conference Workshops
Thursday September 20, 2018

08.30 - 10.30
Workshop A: Practical Training on 4D BIM in Scheduling

In the context of rapid technological development in the construction industry, the adoption and usage of BIM Models to enhance the offering of scheduling is ever-growing. Whilst incorporating this new software into traditional methods is still an emerging trend, the potential of its use and return on investment is significant. This interactive workshop will delve into the utilization of BIM in scheduling – how and when to use it, its core functions, and the results that it has produced in past case studies.


Workshop leader:

Damon Ranieri, Adjunct Professor, Northwestern University


11.00 - 13.00
Workshop B: P6 Advanced User Class

The application of Primavera P6 software is commonplace in scheduling, and provides several indispensable functions to aid the success of thousands of construction projects annually. However, considering how often this software is used, are you leveraging the full potential of P6’s capabilities in your work? Are there advanced features that would aid you daily but perhaps you are unaware of? This workshop will provide a collaborative platform showcasing the more complex application of Primavera P6 to take back to your workplace and utilize for success.


Workshop Leader:

Jim Bradshaw, Senior Scheduling Manager,
Hunt Construction Group