Focus Day - Monday 23rd September

9:00 am Identifying & Quantifying Schedule Risk


Where can a project fail and lose time, lose money, or lose both? As a construction professional, building the plan and sticking to a schedule is made complicated by the unknowns, but to what extent can you control the process to identify and quantify schedule risk for a more secure project? This interactive session will walk through processes of analysis, audits, and more to illustrate where and how you can mitigate your risk in your builds moving forwards.

11:00 am Networking Lunch

12:00 pm Delay Analysis 101


Delays – an unfortunate truth to the majority of construction projects. But, whilst difficult to avoid, is there a way as a planner or scheduler that you can manage them in a better way? Be prepared to deep dive into forensic scheduling – as planned vs. as built, retrospective time impact analysis, stating and communicating delays to clients, and more, to help you strategize and reinforce your delay analysis procedures for current and future projects.

2:00 pm Refreshment Break

2:30 pm Mock Litigation: Lessons in Due Diligence & Managing Documentation


Whilst litigation is to be avoided, a lot can be done in the front-end to manage your schedule and documentation to protect yourself, your team, and your organization in the event of a claim. But, how obvious is what you need to do, and how time consuming or labor intensive is it to complete? Does the hard work always pay off? This interactive session will present a mock trial in delay litigation, and detail evidence to illustrate what you can do as best practice.